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    Hi all,

    I have a weird problem in painting. When a link from my robot comes too close to the paint gun’s spray, the link turns orange. Sometimes my other environment components get the orange too. We’re talking about items other than the one I prepared for paint.  I think the material is being deleted by the paint spray program; when I use “Pick Material” before it reports correctly (aluminum, dark_gray, cheezburgr, etc) and afterward “Pick” gets nothing. I read in the docs that material-less items are highlighted orange.

    The distance and angle needed are so random that running the simulation multiple times has different orangeness results. Some items that don’t come remotely close to the sprayer still get the orange. The materials eventually reset – like when I reload the layout file or sometimes when I save a part. Occasionally saving the component will save it orange, and I have to re-texture everything.


    Before painting



    The robot just painted down that line and made the corner. Its base just went orange.

    Robot self-painting shouldn’t be possible:


    After resetting the simulation:



    Anybody recognize this? What might be the issue?


    Also, second question: Some of the more complicated parts I prepare for paint lose their tesselation when I load the layout again. I can even save the tesselated component and save the scene and it’s still lost. Wat? Can I get it to stay prepared?


    Big thanks if anybody has any advice for me!



    P. Poog

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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