• Where can I get a license?

Please contact our sales department at sales@visualcomponents.com for information on how to acquire a trial license.

  • Should I uninstall my 3DFamily 2014 product before installing Visual Components Essentials?

No, you are not required to uninstall it, you can use both of them side by side.

  • Can I use the same license for 3DFamily 2014 product with Visual Components Essentials?

No, Visual Components Essentials requires a new license, please contact our sales department for information on how to acquire a trial license.


Working with Visual Components Essentials

  • Are  components and layouts made in version 2014 compatible with Visual Components Essentials?

Yes they are compatible, components and layouts can be used in Visual Components Essentials as they were used in 2014, the only slight difference is that some properties and behaviors are read only and you might not adjust the functionality of the behavior. If one of your components/layouts does not work as expected in Visual Components Essentials, we encourage you to email it to us (support@visualcomponents.com) with a small description of the problem.

  • What are the tabs for?

The tabs or “contexts” are different spaces for working Visual Components Essentials. If you go to the Modeling tab all the tools and common commands for modeling will appear on the ribbon.

  • How to import a CAD geometry?

Just Drag & Drop the file on top of the 3DWorld or select the Import command in the Home tab. A panel will appear on the right of the screen with the options for importing the file.

  • How can I save a component?

In the Modeling context, select the component that you want to save. The option to save a component is shown on the ribbon.

  • How can I save a layout?

The option to save a layout is located in Backstage (File tab). In Visual Components Essentials the file type used for saving layouts and components is VCMX.

  • When I save my component/layout in Visual Components Essentials it  saves it as a file.VCMX, can I open it with 2014?

Unfortunately there is not backwards compatibility. Some of the features that were added to Visual Components Essentials are not present in 2014 and this prevents opening newer layouts in older products.

Reporting Issues

  • I found a bug in Visual Components Essentials, where should I report it?

Please send bugs reports to support@visualcomponents.com with an explanation, images/videos of the error occurring and how to reproduce it