Product Fixes

28.10.2016 Known Bugs and Migration Issues in 4.0.1

  1. HOME – eCatalog cannot load layouts with certain characters in filenames. Filenames (or pathnames) containing  ‘(‘, ‘+’, ‘)’ characters prevent loading file when double-clicking it in the ecatalog.
  2. PROGRAM – Halt starts generation of pdf and overrules StopAndSave button. “Halt” statement in the robotics program will start 3D PDF creation as it is interpreted as stopping simulation.
  3. GENERAL – Crash when clearing layout. General crash when clearing robot program.
  4. AGV layout from web eCat does not simulate properly.
  5. Product key is reported invalid when activating a key which is activated in another computer.
  6. Commands in 2014 that are not yet implemented in VC 4.0.
  7. PROGRAM – Indicated values on handles seems to be wrong for points defined to bases.
  8. GENERAL – Headlight slows down simulation.
  9. Simulation complains about syntax errors at script execution with unicode changes.
  10. Converting 100308_CamShafts.vcm layout robot program to new executor while connection lines enabled causes application to hang.