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    Here is a link to a Word document that explains each task along with other options for creating and using tasks.

    NB! This links to latest version of document.

    Demos and videos about the demos are being made now. For links to that content, see the Quick Reference > Demo section in the document.

    A web and mobile version of the document will be posted either today or next week. There will also be Python and .NET add-ons for viewing the web version.

    You can use this thread to ask questions about each task as well as the demos. However, if you need help with your layout or project, make a different thread.


    A new version of the Word document is available — use the same link in OP.

    Version: 16/10/2018

    • Fixed typo in image for Feed and Need tasks
    • Moved Learning Pathway after Demo in Quick Reference
    • Fixed indentation of See Also in Loop task
    • Updated WaitProperty, WriteProperty, WaitSignal, and WriteSignal task descriptions to indicate they affect static components
    • Changed description of Location in Create task to clearly indicate the location references the Works Process coordinate system and moves with the component
    • Added “Reading Values” section in Quick Reference that explains how to read property values of components contained in a Works Process and use them in tasks



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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