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    This addon allows converting robot programs from Visual Components to native robot language. The addon is constructed so that new translators e.g. for other robot brands or controller versions can be added.

    • Translators included in this package:
      • ABB
      • Fanuc
      • Universal Robots
      • IRL

    Install the addon by extracting the zip file to My Commands folder. Then restart the application and the “Post Process” button shows up on the Program ribbon tab.

    The post processor command includes the post processor launcher and separate translators for different robot languages. The translators can be found in a sub folder called “Translators”. New translators can be added to the “Translator” folder. New translator will automatically show up in the Post Processor save dialog as a new file type. The translator must be named with following naming convention so that it shows up in the save dialog properly (see postprocessor_save_dialog.png):

    • Naming convention:
    • For example:

    Post processors calls a function named “postProcess” in the chosen translator. That function must be defined in the translator and following arguments are passed for it:

    • app (of type vcApplication)
    • program (of type vcProgram)
    • uri (file uri of type string)

    See existing translators for a reference. IRL translator is the simplest example. It doesn’t support control flow (like while, if, break, etc statements).

    The command includes also a file called: “controllername_translator_map.txt”. Robot controller behaviour name/postprocessor type -pairs can be added to that file so that the post processor launcher knows automatically the correct translator and user doesn’t need to choose it manually.

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    The export works very well. Thank you.
    Is it possible to extend this exporter to Motoman / Yaskawa?
    In 3D Automate, this was already present.



    Do you have some documentation for this? We would also like to know if you have done something similar for Yaskawa Translator?

    Thank you,





    The Yaskawa Post Processor is also available. If you are interested please contact DUALIS IT Solution




    Post Process button doesn’t appear, any suggestions why?

    UPD: fixed.

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