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    An icon for GUI needs to be an SVG image that contains <path> elements. You can place your icons in the Icons folder of your VC program files for quick reference in Python commands, see Creating a Python Add-on in Python API reference for more information.

    Please follow these rules

    • Do not group¬†<path> elements, for example <g><path/><path/></g> . Otherwise, the icon won’t appear in GUI.
    • The image should be made for 16×16 or 32×32 and so on, otherwise the image will be scaled to 16×16 depending on the font size of your device. Remember this 4K/8K screen users!

    If you need help making an icon, here are some tips:

    • You can use Illustrator to make an icon using objects, but remember to use the Compound Path > Make command to convert them to paths.
    • You can use PowerPoint to make an icon, but remember to export the image as an EMF, and then use Illustrator or Inkscape to convert the EMF to an SVG.
    • When using Inkscape, use the XML editor to ungroup any <path> elements and also verify the attributes of the path, specifically stroke and fill colors.
    • In all cases, you can edit an SVG file in Notepad. Generally, you would do this to ungroup <path> elements and attributes of a <path> element.


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