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    I’m a KukaSimPro 3.0.3 user wich I guess is the very same as the VisualComponents 4.

    I would like to know what if there is some kind of “Component Grabber” in the VisualComponents 4 (KukaSimPro 3.0.3).

    This feature exists in the old VC (KukaSim) software.

    The purpose of this, is, for example, to be able to grab a part with a “Succion cup” mounted on linear joint (like a piston).

    In attachement, you’ll have the component.


    Thank you.

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    I believe the method you are looking for is:

    vcComponent inherits this method from vcNode


    def OnRun():
      # Wait for a component in your container.
      while not getComponent().getBehaviour("MyContainerName").HeadComponent:
      joint = getComponent().findNode("MyJointName") # Find the joint object
      child = getComponent().getBehaviour("MyContainerName").HeadComponent #Find the component you want to attach to the joint
      joint.attach(child) # Now any movement of the joint will also move the child component.
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