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    Let me know if you need help adding new panes, panels, floating windows, dialog boxes and tabbed pages.

    Attached is a tutorial for adding new panes and panels (pods).

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    Thank you for showing how to add panes to the VC environment.

    In page 8/11 in the tutorial we add a floating Pane. The more we push the “New Pane Button” the more panes will show. But why do all the panes close, when i close one of them?


    Sounds like a thread issue. Not sure. Development would know.



    I wrote a program where I have the “Main-Pane” which will be exported to VC via:


    In the Main-Pane I use the IDockAwareWindowManager to add a new pane, like it is shown in the turorial.

    When I open the new pane I have to call a method to refresh some information I get from the program. This is no problem, because I can call the method in the constructor of the new pane.

    Now my Question:
    Is it possible to call the method from the Main-Pane?
    I tried to creat a new instance of the new Pane, but it seems to be impossible to store the new Pane anywhere and call the RefreshOptions()-Method, when the new pane is already open.

    I tried it like this:
    public DockableScreen TestScreen;
    public void AddFloatingPane()
    TestScreen = new FloatingViewModel();
    windowManager.Value.ShowFloatingWindow(String.Empty, TestScreen);


    later I wanted to call: TestScreen.RefreshOptions()



    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible to add a context menu to VC using .NET API?

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